Here are recommendations for creating something new for your room:

  • Hang a string of yarn or ribbon and put old pictures on it
  • Grab a mason jar or a couple, decorate them and put whatever you want in them
  • Paint old shoeboxes and put mementos in them
  • Make a bracelet holder out of the paper towel cardboard thing
  • Grab an empty bottle, cut the top and use the bottom for something to hold

Hope you find these helpful. Until next time 🙂


Tips on not biting your nails

A lot of people bite their nails. Here’s a few tips that might help with stopping:

  • Paint your nails.
  • Stick your hands in a liquid you dislike
  • Busy yourself with other stuff
  • Don’t bite your nails when you’re stressed
  • If you have the urge to bite your nails, chew gum

Hope you find these helpful. Until next time 🙂

Bored at home?

If you’re home alone or with your siblings, here’s a few ways to keep yourself entertained

  • Play video games
  • Go out and get something to eat or go to the nearest mall
  • Invite friends over
  • Play a card game with your siblings
  • Watch movies all day
  • Put on music and dance to it
  • Go into a big city near you and walk around
  • Relax on your couch

Hope you find these helpful. Until next time 🙂

Tips on…….

Here are a few tips on keeping your room clean or tips on helping you clean your room.

  1. Make your bed- making your bed will make your room look a lot better
  2. Dust- your surfaces will look much better than before
  3. Vacuum- disgusting stuff might collect on your floor, so yeah.
  4. Do laundry- you might need some of your clothes for the week. So pick a day to do your laundry and continue doing so every week
  5. Take out your trash- smelly rooms aren’t the best
  6. Reorganize- change things up every once in a while

I hope you find these helpful. Good luck cleaning and don’t wait until your room is a complete mess to clean it. Until next time 🙂